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Econo Decks Revamp’s the Dated Decks

Every deck package starts the same. They all need the same structure. But after structure, we can customize your deck from very simple and functional, to very luxurious and maintenance- free.

Decking Material

From Pressure treated wood, to composite decking, or even vinyl decking, there is lots to choose from.

Planking Patterns

There are a few different planking options available. Read below to find out more…

Railing Selection

We are pleased to offer you 3 types of railings… Wood, Aluminium, and a wood-Aluminium Hybrid.

Stair Types

When building a deck, stairs can be crucial. Read below to find out more…

Why Econo Decks?

We can help with all these deck selections. After all, its what we do!

The best thing to do when deciding what your new deck requires, is to give us a call, or to send us a message, and we will gladly come out, free of charge, and guide you on what might be best for your deck project, and price it out right there on the spot for you. No hassles. No commitments. No problems.

All Trades are guaranteed;


Homestars Verified with criminal background checks;

BBB Approved! A+ Rating;

100% compliance with Alberta’s building code;

Decking Material

Wood Decking

Red Clear Cedar

This natural selection is pure. Ready to be naturally oiled, Red Cedar is soft to the touch, and smells even better first thing in the morning. Mix in a hot cup of coffee or tea, and mornings truly aren’t so bad anymore. As they ponder in the movie Field of Dreams, “Is this heaven?”, you may also start to wonder yourself.

Pressure Treated - Green Or Brown

With longevity and simplicity in mind, these beautiful decks come with their best feature, their cost. With your best bang for your buck, these decks will not let you down. Easily our most POPULAR option, you can stand proud, on your spacious deck, enjoying a cool beverage, while you bask in the revitalizing warm sun.

Composite / PVC

For composite decking, there are too many colours to list! Just like Ikea®, this product has come a long way! With the best Fade-Resistant boards out there, we use Azek TimberTech® Composite/ PVC Decking. This product is well known in the world of decking, and we have found this product to be the best for preventing fading, scratching, and breaking. In this department, you absolutely get what you pay for, that’s why we will not install cheaper “composite” products. In the long run, you will not be happy, and neither will we.

Trust us, this is what we do!

Discover the unmatched beauty of Composite Decking, elevating your outdoor space like no other. Designed to mimic the natural charm of “Hand Scraped Hardwood,” it’s nearly impossible to differentiate between the two. Say goodbye to the hassle of painting—Composite Decking requires no painting, ever! What sets it apart is the inclusion of hidden fasteners, ensuring a flawless, seamless appearance that’s second to none. Considered the Rolls-Royce of decking, it does come with a higher price tag. As they say, “If you have to ask for the price, it might be too expensive for you.” However, we believe in transparency, so let us share the price, but we recommend finding a comfortable seat before we do.

Vinyl (Like Dur-A-Deck)

Vinyl decking comes with a great quality NO OTHER DECKING HAS- waterproofing the area below! This side-effect, for once, is an easy pill to swallow… Even if the cost isn’t. This is a premium product, with the price tag attached. Rest-assured though, you will not be re-doing the decking anytime soon with a Vinyl Flooring. Cool to the touch, this product almost seems seamless when comparing to typical planks. Yep, just like composite decking, there is No Splinters or Warping to worry about, the grand-kids will be safe on this deck top, no problem. There will be no need for grandma to brush up on taking splinters out of the children’s knees!

Planking Patterns

When Planning your deck, it is a good idea to plan which style of planking will fit best for your deck and budget. Flip through the Past Work to see a number of these style combined. A spine with a picture frame. Or the deck planked on the 45° with a spine and Picture Frame. Planking with different styles can add a lot of character, with not adding a lot to the budget.


Clean, Simple, Classic. Straight Planked is great for decks that can take full length boards and have no but joints. If your deck is over 16″ wide, perhaps look at getting your deck planked with a Spine!


Picture frames are a nice touch to add to a deck. It adds a beautiful boarder, and caps off the end of the planks (as opposed to a straight plank). It can tie in very nicely with railings as well. You can get creative and make the picture frame a different colour when decking with composite decking.


This is a great way to break up the length of your deck that exceeds 16′ wide and adding a bit of a design factor. Inserting a plank perpendicular to the rest of the boards, breaks up the long deck, and can be strategically placed where ever it makes sense. In this photo we placed it to the left of the stairs.


This is a beautiful way to plank a deck. It is ideal for very wide (greater then 16′), but shallower (opposite to deep) than 11′. The idea is a 16′ board can span 11′ diagonally with no butt-joints. Leaving your wide deck with ZERO joints throughout. There is more waste in material, and needs extra framing to support the diagonal boards, but the end product is fantastic

Railing Styles

There are many factors to consider when selecting railings. The most important factor however is how much painting (for maintenance) do you mind doing.


Colour Options Include:

  • Pressure Treated Green or Brown, Cedar
  • Paint or Stain: Every 3-5 years- Entire Railing


Colour Options Include:

  • White, Black or Beige Custom colours available, but for an added cost.
  • Paint or Stain: Never


Colour Options Include:

  • Wood- Pressure Treated Or Cedar
  • Aluminium Picket: Black Only
  • Paint or Stain: Every 2-5 years- Wood Portion Only


Colour Options Include:

  • White, Black or Beige Custom colours available, but for an added cost.
  • Glass Options Include: Clear, Pinhead, Raindrop, Frosted and Tinted
  • Height Options: 36″, 42″, 60″ or 5′, 72″ or 6′ ​
  • Paint or Stain: Never

Stair Options

Stairs are a crucial component to any deck. The placement of the stairs can be the difference of your deck being usable/ enjoyable, or crowded and sub-consciously unappealing. Anytime you have a set of stairs, and an entry into your home, there becomes an unofficial pathway from the door, to the stairs that is formed. Anytime anything blocks that pathway (table, chairs, etc.) the feeling becomes very crowded and not well thought out. Let us help you select the best location, size, and type of stairs for your deck.


This is the most cost effective style of stairs. Breathable and efficient. If you aren’t skirting in your deck, you may choose an open style stringer for your deck, to fit the over look.


Also known are “Closed In Riser”, this is the most elegant and cleanest look for stairs. It eats up material quickly, but nothing beats a boxed-in set of stairs for your deck! If you are skirting in your deck, you need boxed-in stairs to keep the rodents out!


Wrap around stairs can add depths and a fantastic look to any back yard. They also eliminate the need for a hand rail if you didn’t have stairs wrapping around the deck. This can quickly become the focal point of the back yard. During bigger events, wrap around stairs generally act as extra seating, and theater seating as well.

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